Gallatin Refugee

Gallatin Refugee Connections exists to create and sustain a welcoming environment for refugees.

We seek to raise awareness of the global refugee crisis and how Montanans can help.

We’re aiming to open our community’s understanding and appreciation of the civic, cultural, and economic benefits that diversity brings. 

We are seeking to foster a healthy, strong, and connected community by strengthening the social services infrastructure for the most vulnerable in our community.

Hi there, I’m Lisa

Did you know that refugees are people fleeing violence and persecution and seeking safety and freedom. The majority are women and children. We get to America through international legal protections. Refugees undergo rigorous application and vetting, sometimes lasting many years. Once we are deemed eligible, we can be “resettled” in a country offering a humanitarian reprieve. 

About us


We envision that Gallatin Valley will be recognized as a community that offers a warm reception to refugees and values their civic, cultural, and economic contributions.

We are

  • Raising awareness through educational events. GRC holds Refugee 101 Presentations throughout the Gallatin Valley and regularly shares resources and news about refugees on our Facebook page. Contact us if you’d like to set-up a Refugee 101 presentation!
  • Establishing community partnerships with social services provides. GRC is working to strengthen the fabric of our community and ensure that the most vulnerable in our community have the chance to thrive. GRC partners with organizations and groups like HRDC, Soft Landing Missoula, International Rescue Committee, interfaith communities, and City, County, and State government.
  • Celebrating diversity by lifting up the voices, music, art, food, and stories of refugees.

GRC’s Impact

  • Dozens of Welcoming Drive kits sent to Missoula
  • 16 events held, including Refugee 101 Presentations, Film Screenings, and Panels
  • 7 Coffee Conversations held in 2017-2018, providing community members space to discuss the benefits of and desire for diversity
  • 6 volunteer Coordinating Committees and numerous volunteers leading GRC’s work
  • A growing Facebook community
  • Multiple of media features, including:

Information and Resources

In addition to GRC’s Facebook page, please visit the sites of our partners to learn more about how Montanans are stepping up to respond to the global refugee crisis and enhancing our state with the civic, cultural, and economic benefits of increased diversity:

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Bozeman, MT 59771-1741


Photos from top to bottom
  1. Weyni, a young refugee from Eritrea, and her mentor Andi. They share a love of music and food. Weyni has worked hard to learn English and now has hser driver’s license.
  2. Chandra a refugee from a camp Uganda or Tanzania speaks 5-6 languages and is a translator for IRC. She’s been in Missoula now for two years.
  3. GRC Coordinating Committee members and volunteers pack up the last of the household supplies donated by Gallatin Valley community members to be shared with newly resettled refugees in Missoula at the end of GRCs 2nd annual Welcome Kit Drive. November 2018, Fork & Spoon Cafe.
  4. A refugee family from Democratic Republic of Congo, now living in Missoula, share music and dance at a performance at Bozeman’s Rialto Theatre, hosted in partnership by GRC and New Neighbors Project. March 2018
  5. Rossi the dog plays his part in fostering a welcoming community at MSU Catapalooza. September 2019.